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You Need to Cut Your Hair :iconhaircutstories:HaircutStories 23 0
Edgy Barbershop Part 5
It had been a full year since Amanda had chopped off her best friend’s hair and earned her promotion. She was now working as a part time barber at her sister’s Barbershop and was finally on her senior year of high school. Occasionally, Amanda would have her long brown hair trimmed by her older sister since it was free.
It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and it had been rather busy all day. Clients had been coming in and out since 7:00 am, and both Amanda and Rachel were really tired. Around 1:00pm, the rush had finally started to die down. When there was no one left in the store, the girls felt they could finally catch their breath. Amanda was wearing a tight white v neck t-shirt and very short jean shorts. Her sister was wearing similar attire, except her shirt was black. Amanda had her long brown hair tied up in a high ponytail. Rachel looked over at the mirror and noticed the black stubble that had started to grow back on her head. She took this time to update her
:iconhaircutstories:HaircutStories 14 3
Edgy Barbershop Part 4
On a sunny afternoon, Amanda and Rachel were working in the salon. It had been a few weeks since Rachel had shaved her head for the first time, and the black stubble was starting to grow back on her head. She thought that it was time for a trim and was shaving her head with a razor and shaving cream while Amanda was sweeping the floors. She had her long, chocolate brown hair tied up in a ponytail, as usual, since it was so hot out. Over the past few weeks, Rachel had been showing Amanda the ropes and teaching her how to do basic trims. She even taught Amanda how to do more drastic cuts, like bobs and pixies, every once and a while. So Amanda had become fairly experienced in the basics of hairstyling, but she was always being supervised by her older sister.
“I’m going to go get some lunch real quick” Rachel said to Amanda “Can you watch the store for me? I don’t think anyone is going to come in but it’s better to be safe than sorry”. Aman
:iconhaircutstories:HaircutStories 12 3
Mature content
Edgy Barbershop Part 3 :iconhaircutstories:HaircutStories 15 2
Edgy Barbershop Part 2
Rachel woke up the next morning expecting to brush aside the long hair caught underneath her. To her surprise, there was none there. The long locks she had now lay on the bathroom floor. She recalled the night before where she chopped off all of her hair. She went into the bathroom and found that her hair still lay on the floor. She looked at her short uneven cropped hair and reminisced the fun time she had the night before. Rachel looked at her watch and realized that she needed to open her store soon. She quickly got dressed, rushed down to her car, and left for work.
Rachel changed the sign in her shop from closed to open. She arranged all her tools and prepared to start her work day. As she waited for customers, she realized that her hair was still and uneven crop. She grabbed a pair of clippers, put on a guard, and turned them on. She then started running the clippers down the middle of her head. As she moved them across her head, the hair short strands of hair fell to the
:iconhaircutstories:HaircutStories 13 3
Mature content
Edgy Barbershop Part 1 :iconhaircutstories:HaircutStories 14 5


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    It was around 10 in the morning when Jessica walked into her college dorm room. The new semester had started and Jessica hadn’t met her new roommate yet. Jessica had many prominent features about her. Whether it was her slim build, her busty breasts, her beautiful face, or her luxurious lips, there was something that almost any girl could be envious of. But perhaps her most prominent feature was her hair. Jessica had long straight raven black hair that rained down from her head across her body, stopping just short of her butt. The long black locks looked like a waterfall of silk running down her body. Many of her friends told her that her hair was very similar to the long silky hair they saw in shampoo commercials. It was truly beautiful hair, and today it was raised in a high ponytail, due to the summer heat. It was the end of July and the beginning of August, and Jessica’s new semester was starting a new. Jessica walked down the college dorm hallways eager to meet her new roommate. The only hope Jessica had was that her roommate was nice. Soon she came to her assigned room, to find that her roommate was already there, unpacking her things. Much the same with Jessica, the first thing Jessica noticed about her roommate was her hair, but not, perhaps, for the same reason.

            Jessica’s roommate’s hair was cropped incredibly short. Jessica was taken aback a bit, for she had not seen hair that short on a woman before. She could see that the brunette hair her roommate had was buzzed down to a number 2 style. It was long enough to distinguish the color, but not longer than that. Jessica was so fixated on the short hair of her roommate, that she didn’t even notice the second body in the room at first. Her roommate had a friend who was helping her unpack. Like her roommate, the girl’s hair was cut very short, only instead of a buzz cut, she had a blonde flat top. The roommate turned around to face Jessica. She eyed Jessica, looking up and down her body with an almost annoyed look on her face. Then she looked at Jessica with a smile, and she suddenly had an almost alarming friendliness about her. “Hi!” she said in an upbeat tone “You must be my new roommate! Nice to meet you. My name is Caroline!”

            Weeks passed by in the semester, and Caroline and Jessica got along fairly well. They hung out, watched movies, and went all sorts of crazy parties. But in the time that they knew each other, Jessica always seemed to notice a sort of coldness rubbing off from Caroline in the way that she looked at her. Jessica also seemed to notice that Caroline almost always tried to find an excuse to play with Jessica’s hair. Whether it was brushing it before bed or even just subtly twirling it during a movie, Caroline was always trying to do something with Jessica’s hair. Jessica did not know it, but Caroline had a secret hatred for long hair on women. It wasn’t certain why, but Caroline always seemed to think that long hair was a childish thing that all women needed to outgrow. If Caroline had her way, every woman would long hair would be brought before her to have their long locks chopped off. Caroline’s motives towards her roommate were very clear, but she needed a subtle way of getting Jessica to lose the locks.

            One long weekend, Caroline and Jessica were relaxing in their dorm room. Many of the students had decided to go home for this weekend, so they didn’t really have much to do. “What should we do with all this free time we have?” asked Jessica.

“I may have just the thing” responded Caroline.

She lept down from the window sill that they were sitting on and reached under her bed. Their she pulled out 2 blunts she had been storing for a special occasion. The two sat on the window sill smoking. After a while, they could feel the subtle high come over them, and the two began to laugh. Jessica fell a bit out of her usual motion, but Caroline was still able to maintain her stability. She saw this as her chance to remove Jessica’s locks from her head. “Can I play with your hair?” asked Caroline to Jessica.

“Sure, but be careful” said Jessica “I just washed it earlier and it’s looking especially good today”

Caroline carefully picked up Jessica’s hair, which was fastened in a high ponytail, and began playing with it carefully. “You have such pretty hair, Jessica” Caroline said.

“Thank you” said Jessica

“However, you are now a grown woman. Don’t you think it’s time you outgrew this childish long hair?” Caroline began pulling Jessica’s hair a little harder.

“But I love my hair” said Jessica

“It’s just hair my dear” said Caroline “It will always grow back. Besides I think a change is needed”. Caroline was now pulling at the hair so hard that it had come out of its ponytail. Jessica’s head was being thrown violently by the savage hair hater. Caroline really did not like long hair on women. To her if, you couldn’t see the ears, then the hair was too long. Caroline got up and pulled a chair over to near the window sill. “Sit down” she said in almost a demanding tone “I’m gonna give you a makeover”.

            Jessica was very taken a-back by this. She didn’t know how to react. So she got up and sat down in the chair. Caroline grabbed a mirror and showed Jessica her face. Say goodbye to your hair”. Caroline quickly took the mirror away and grabbed a pair of scissors from the drawer. They weren’t even fancy salon shears either, but big sharp sewing scissors. Caroline was not planning on going lightly. Without a word, Caroline started picking up big chunks of Jessica’s long black silky hair and chopping them off. The long silky locks fell gracefully to the floor. Caroline kept chopping away, violently at Jessica’s long hair. At first, the experience was a little traumatizing for poor Jessica, but after a while, she began to see that it wasn’t that bad. She actually quite enjoyed it. Soon, the majority of Jessica’s hair was on the floor. All that remained was a messy crop on the top of her head. Caroline could see that Jessica was enjoying her haircut and she smiled. “We aren’t done yet my dear” Caroline said smirking “Why don’t we clean this up”. Caroline took out her pair of clippers that she used to tidy up her own hair. Jessica bit her lower lip, feeling very turned on by this whole situation. Caroline aggressively pulled Jessica’s head backwards as she pushed the clippers against Jessica’s short crop. Slowly, Caroline pulled clippers down across the middle of Jessica head. Clippers moved across Jessica’s head like a lawnmower leaving only a number two crewcut buzz in its wake. Caroline finished the middle and then she moved on to the right side of Jessica’s head. She worked the clippers carefully, making sure all parts were even. She pulled Jessica’s head to the side, and flipped over her right ear making sure that no hair was left behind it. She worked carefully around the ear, making sure to get rid of all of Jessica’s hair. Once she had finished, she leaned in close to Jessica’s right ear “Almost done” she whispered before gently nibbling at Jessica’s earlobe. Caroline then moved over to the right side and did the same thing. As soon as she finished, she ran her hands across Jessica’s short crewcut. “Feel your new haircut” she said, forcing Jessica’s hands onto her hair. The new hair felt so weird to Jessica, but it also felt very erotic. She loved the feeling. “Thank you” she said to Caroline. “Don’t mention it” said Caroline said leaning in close to Jessica’s face. The two embraced in a kiss, running their hands across each other’s buzzed heads. They made love that night, and Jessica claimed it to be the best experience of her life. She never had long hair again.


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Zack Hanson
United States
I write Haircut Stories. Please feel free to request a story line or scenario. Whether it involve a celebrity or a fandom or something you would just like to read.


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